About Us
Hilder Productions

Julia Hilder is a former award-winning television news journalist whose 15 years in the business landed her in cities such as El Paso, Houston and Austin, Texas to anchor and report the news.  

After leaving television news she formed Hilder Productions and began producing corporate and nonprofit videos as well as documentaries such as Desert Dogs, a documentary about stray dogs on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. Before that she co-produced the feature documentary Blind Spot: Murder by Women with Oscar and Emmy Award-winning film directors Allie Light and Irving Saraf.
Julia's latest film is Any Wednesday, co-produced with Allie Light and released in 2018.

In addition, Julia uses her strong news reporting and public speaking skills to train clients for successful encounters with television, radio and print reporters. As a media consultant with the Predictive Media Network, she helps company spokespeople across the country craft their message, garner positive media attention and successfully put out “fires” from negative news stories.